Business VoIP Equipments FAQs

What's the difference between analog and VoIP phones?

There's a huge difference between Analog and VoIP phone, just read to check them out:
Analog Phones- These are traditional phones found in stores and everywhere else. They use circuit switching network (CSN) to send and receive calls over standard (analog) phone lines. Analog Phones have simplified features fulfilling basic requirements and can't provide unified communications.
VoIP Phones- These portable phones can be easily used at local or remote locations and provide advanced unified communications. They transmit voice conversation using packet switching network (PSN). That means they use IP protocol on a single network, which is not specific to phone for transmitting voice and data. These easy to use phones retain custom settings and give better voice clarity and robust attributes at reduced prices. VoIP Phones offer more benefits at reasonable prices.
VoIP Phones overpower Analog Phones with powerful features, low costs, high performance and reduced time.
Will UIP provide required hardware?

It is customer's discretion to purchase own equipment. But at the same time UIP can also provide required equipment at discounted prices. UIP purchases the same in bulk from leading manufactures, and always likes to pass on savings to its customers.
Can we have equipment on leased bases?

Yes, UIP features several leasing options to make it apparent for customers to realize advantages of hosted VoIP services. For further details you can contact Customer Support Representative at (888-586-3921) or write to us at sales@unifiedip.com.
Can we use our existing VoIP equipment with Unified IP?

Yes, you can use your existing VoIP device with UIP business services. However, we recommend using certified equipment.
Does Unified IP support physical fax machine?

Yes, by using an ATA (analog telephone adapter) you can easily use physical fax machines. UIP helps in configuring ATA to provide fast and reliable fax transmission.
Does Unified IP support Electronic Fax?

Using UIP VoIP services you can conveniently send and receive electronic fax for free. These electronic faxes are automatically sent to your e-mail in PDF / TIF file format. You can even send and retrieve electronic fax by logging into UIP web interface.