Video Infrastructure

UnifiedIP's Video Infrastructure provides an intelligent platform for storing, managing, and distributing personalized TV and video services across various video networks. Through this service, you can deliver any type of time-shifted, real-time, or on-demand video content to any screen. Based on a highly scalable network design and dynamic caching model, the Video Infrastructure by UnifiedIP allows operators to streamline operations, scale services cost-effectively across vast geographies, and deliver a fascinating and distinguished user experience.
Benefits of Getting UnifiedIP's Video Infrastructure Services

Rule-based Controls:

Unified IP's Video infrastructure empowers users to use video while ensuring those assets comply with corporate standards and branding, meet IP and compliance regulations, and are stored and delivered appropriately to end users based on their roles.
Shared Video Creation Capabilities:

End users can create video from desktop webcam, meeting room, board room, or studio camera via industry's most versatile content creation workflows.
Centralized Video Publishing:

UnifiedIP's Video Infrastructure provides a centralized and secure destination where users can watch live webcasts and search Video on Demand (VoD) archives.
Centralized IT Resource Control:

Through UnifiedIP's advanced system administration capabilities, you can also lock down mission-critical permissions and workflows for user groups, content access, content review & approval, and content expiration.
In short, UnifiedIP will provide you an industry leading video infrastructure that will help in reducing various business chaoses related to video content.