Toll Free Number Services

It has often been observed that when customers see a toll free number, a wave of comfort rolls over them because they feel connected and safe. UnifiedIP's Toll Free Number service will give your business an instant credibility, leading you to heights of professionalism. By providing customers a quick and easy access to your company, a Toll Free Number delineates you to be a credible prospect to potential markets. At, you can choose from 800, 855, 866, 877, 888 numbers as well as a custom toll-free vanity number to help start your business in a big way.
Benefits of taking a Toll Free Number from

Advertising Becomes Efficient:

By putting your 800 number in advertisements, you can tremendously increase your ad response. Yellow Pages Advertisements and Website Advertisements get a greater response when a toll free number is displayed on them. By listing a toll free number you actually instill a sense of trust among customers, which a local number lacks in, thereby resulting in MORE sales and MORE referrals. In short, it can be stated that nothing interprets professionalism and your interest towards business like a toll free number.
Increases Sales:

Whether you're handling a small business or running a multinational company, by opting in for a toll free number from, you will see a tremendous increase in sales. A toll free number can also open doors of success, if you are facing a fierce competition. In this modern era, where customers expect to be treated as assets, a toll free number can serve as an effective and powerful tool to gain consumer's confidence.
Advertise to a Wide Audience:

If you are doing business in various parts of North America, or are operating in multiple states of the USA, then a toll free number is an absolute must. A toll free number helps in bringing your presence in the market to a wide number of customers located nationally or internationally. So get your toll free number from today and advertise your business to a wide audience.
Helps in Gaining Customer Satisfaction:

Customers usually don't want to pay any additional money for product queries. They want a contact number that can provide them instant access to company's Customer Care department without paying from their pockets. A toll free number provided by fulfills all these requirements.
Provides a Competitive Edge:

Marketing companies usually recommend toll free numbers because of desirable customer outlook on 1-800 numbers. By displaying a toll free number, you'll be step-ahead of competition. Research studies consistently show that business having a toll free number get a better trade-in than those having a local number, no matter what kind of business you are operating and what your target market is.
Lower rates:

UnifiedIP's toll free number rates are much lower than other toll-free companies! We are much lower than collect calls, and most long distance charges. Plus, you don't have to pay any monthly fees or even porting fees with our toll free numbers.
Advertising toll free numbers in outer-area advertisements can show dramatic increase in sales. This is the reason why toll free numbers are considered as investments, and not as expenses. So, get your Toll Free Number now via and see your business grow!