Terms of Use

Our Website UnifiedIP.com is governed by below mentioned terms and conditions. This Service Agreement will remain in full force and effect until the duration of plan / service selected by the customer is effective. Using or accessing the Services provided therein you indicate your assent to be bound by the Agreement that consist of below mentioned terms and conditions. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions set forth below, please do not use the website or any information contained. Any modifications, additions, amendments, conflicting statements or documents presented by customers at any point of time will not be accepted by Unified IP. Any such documents submitted by customer will be inapplicable to any past, current, or future sales or services offered by UnifiedIP.com.
System Requirements

Unified IP services require accurate digital device(s), reliable Internet connection and electricity to function properly. System will not work or will cease functioning in absence of any of these basic requirements. Unified IP will not be responsible for any such kind of interruption due to malfunctioning of any equipment or disruption of electricity or Internet connection. Also Unified IP is not liable for any interruption due to natural calamities.
Billing, Payments and Fees

Customer will be responsible for making all payments for devices and services purchased through UnifiedIP.com. Unified IP will instantly provide all billing details that include one time and recurring charges as per the purchased service plan or device. Unified IP reserves all rights to charge customer more than once a month if the monthly usage charges exceed the monthly plan subscription charges taken up customer. Any outstanding charges upon discontinuation or termination of service will be payable by customer. Unified IP will also charge a late payment fees in case of delayed payments and this will not be waived off under any circumstances. Late Payment fees will be added to total unpaid amount. In case customer disagrees with any kind of charges applied, a dispute in writing can be posted to Unified IP within 15 days from billing date. Customer can even send an email mentioning the dispute within 15 days from date of billing.

Unified IP configure and sell select devices for data, voice, and video services through website UnifiedIP.com. These devices will be governed by standard warranty from the manufacture. Unified IP will not be responsible for defects in devices after initial setup of system. Customer is supposed to contact manufacturer in such case and also customer shall not ship any device or equipment back, without prior written approval from Uniofied IP. End user is not authorized to make any modifications in software of the device. Customer will be completely responsible for discontinuation of service due to modifications made to device software by customer.
911 Service

Unified IP does not offer 911 service features. Customer should have an alternate service to access 911 services.
Contents of Unified IP are subject to change without any prior notice. Unified IP is not responsible for any damages or loss, direct or consequential as a result of use of our website or its contents.