Multi Location Telepresence

Traveling has become one of the most important issues in business world these days. In order to flourish their business throughout the world, entrepreneurs are now looking for ways that may help them reduce their traveling time and expense. In order to be more efficient, global enterprises will have to continue to coordinate, collaborate and manage web of human interactions with minimal face-to-face meetings. Until now, various telecommunications-based collaboration technologies, including video technologies, have played a vital role in somehow reducing the business travel needs. But Multi-Location Telepresence services have totally changed the way of executing effective business collaboration.
Multi Location Telepresence empowers users to interact and collaborate. Telepresence meeting solution by provides in-person experience of virtual meeting that makes participants feel as if they're in the same room. Now, there's no need to travel to see each other for a successful real time interaction. Telepresence brings people together from virtually any location around the world, in a simple and easy way. UnifiedIP's Telepresence services enable organizations to quickly organize virtual meetings that equalize face-to-face meeting experience with faction of a costand minimal hindrances associated with business travel.
To bring people together quickly, the Multi-Location Telepresence services provided by UnifiedIP utilizes - high-definition video imagery, advanced video compression standards, and low-bandwidth telecommunications & network services. Wherever you are, you can meet, work and learn in real time with UnifiedIP Telepresence services. UnifiedIP's Video conferencing technology uses high profile codes that can save businesses upto 50% of their bandwidth and help eliminate expensive network upgrades.
Check out some great benefits of Telepresence meeting solution from UnifiedIP:
  • Immediate, easy and effective communication across multiple locations
  • Lifelike experience with high-quality video and audio
  • Enhanced collaboration between team members
  • No operator required to set up calls
  • Provides rapid decision-making capabilities, just as in face-to-face meetings
  • Cuts travel time
  • Maintains the trust and confidence - both within the organization and between organizations
  • A "Green" concept with reduced travel and carbon footprint
  • Cost-effective
  • Reduces bandwidth requirements and expensive network upgrades
Switch to UnifiedIP's Multi Location Telepresence to execute your business communications from and at multiple locations with high-definition and clear voice features.