Storage As A Service

Disk storage is one of biggest expenses for any business organizations. With exponential data growth and increasingly distributed workforces, it becomes more complex to handle various file formats. Traditional approaches to data storage require capital investment and technical resources to maintain and implement storage infrastructure.
UnifiedIP's Storage as a Service (STaaS) provides cost-effective solution for those businesses which don't want to deal with expenses and hassles of increasing data storage concerns. Storage as a Service is a storage distribution mechanism where a business rents or leases storage space from Storage as a Service provider. Data is transferred from service provider to client via Internet. It provides access to storage infrastructure and functions remotely as a Web-based service. With UnifiedIP's Storage as a Service user can perform common tasks related to storage like data backup, storage, recovery, transfer, and more. These days Storage as a Service is a popular way to store data; because it doesn't require any start-up costs like hard disks, servers, and technical staff. Organizations pay for this service according to the amount of storage space used. Storage as a Service is also known as hosted storage.
Business organizations (especially IT companies) can't avoid expense of adding servers, staff, or setting aside space in their data center, but UnifiedIP's Storage as a Service lays such concerns to rest with automatic storage deployment, maintaining, and billing. UnifiedIP's Storage as a Service delivers scalable, cost-effective, and secure business-critical data storage solutions. UnifiedIP's Storage as a Service brings out indubitable business results like lower total cost of ownership (TCO), speed to value, extensive user adoption, and increased productivity.
Since data storage is hosted remotely; business organizations don't require investing in additional hardware. UnifiedIP's Storage as a Service is user-friendly and robust with great professional advantages. User can store any amount of data securely and economically, while ensuring that stored data will always be available when required. Unified IP also provides advanced professional services like T1/T3 Data Connections, Business Phone Systems, Point to Point Video Communications, and more that build scalable and automated cloud-computing environments.
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