Recording and Streaming

Video Conferencing end points are used by worldwide entrepreneurs to conduct video conference sessions. It allows businesses to meet face to face and take effective real time business decisions by just using video conferencing endpoints.
With advanced and high definition video technologies and quality sound offering, video conferencing has become one of the most common ways of business communication these days. It is as simple as making a phone call and builts a trust relationship between businesses.
Video Communication is usually restricted to the people who can attend these sessions in conference rooms or people who have Personal Video Conference solutions installed at their desks. Many a times it happens that some important people could not make it to attend the session, which may cause hindrances in making timely decisions. A speech can be delivered to a large gathering, but it is restricted to a few people as all of them cannot be accommodated in the conference room, and there might be many people at remote locations, who could have benefitted from the video conference session. The recording and streaming services for video conferencing are meant to cover-up these hurdles and reach a wider audience. offers great Recording and Streaming solutions. UnifiedIP's Recording and Streaming services come with advanced monitoring capabilities. Some advanced monitoring capabilities provided by UnifiedIP are - to calculate how many live streaming connections are going on at a particular time, how many times a particular content has been viewed, and lots more.
UnifiedIP's recording and streaming solutions allow organizations to share knowledge and enhance communication by capturing and sharing any video conferencing meeting, training or message.
So, give your video conferencing a boost with recording and streaming solutions by UnifiedIP.