Business VoIP Overview FAQs

What is Unified IP (UIP)?

UIP is a unified communications platform offering enterprise class voice, video, and data services to small/medium organizations and mobile work-force in the US with up to 1000 employees. Our robust solution can be easily integrated into your existing application portfolio, providing cutting edge features to your ever increasing business requirements. In contrast to traditional telephony system, UIP services don't require extensive physical setup and can be accessed 24x7 via Internet or mobile network.
How will Unified IP benefit my business?

UIP offers remarkable benefits for you and your business by giving professional telephone representation at extremely affordable price. UIP provides simplified services that are extremely easy to set up and don't require any technical expertise. Through proficient features, we give flexibility to telecommuters and mobile workers to manage and enhance their output. UIP enables customers to easily extend or descend number of features, channels, and extensions as per their business requirements. These features can also be easily configured in near real time to adapt to your changing business needs.
Can Unified IP completely replace my traditional phone system?

Yes, UIP can completely replace your traditional phone system with an enhanced full duplex HD voice system that provides crystal clear voice communication. UIP provides various deployment options including a full replacement to IP based voice system, a hybrid deployment with analog failover as well as a transition from IP to analog phone services well as a transition from IP to analog phone service. In addition, UIP can also alter your current setup to help you utilize your existing phone infrastructure (either analog or wireless) to receive calls based on configurable business rules. In-case of mobile workers, UIP can replace basic provider to help you acquire influential capabilities of Virtual PBX system.
What kind of Cost Savings can we expect with UIP phone services?

With Unified IP services starting for as low as USD 29.99/mo businesses can look forward to lowering their TCO & increasing ROI. UIP helps in drastically cutting down the total business communication costs by up to 70% as compared to traditional phone systems. For details send an email to sales@unifiedip.com or call our toll free number (888-586-3921).