Hosted PBX Phone Systems

Need a Hosted PBX Phone System? offers great service and competitive pricing available on a Hosted PBX Phone System. UnifiedIP allows you to pick your own number and get it activated within just a few minutes. UnifiedIP's easy-to-use Hosted PBX Phone System helps businesses project their professional image. It lets users manage call forwarding, auto attendant, call queuing, and other smart features within minutes. Best of all, there are NO CONTRACT. So, if you are not satisfied with our Hosted PBX Phone System service, you can contact us anytime because "Customer Satisfaction" is our UTMOST PRIORITY. So, get started today with our Free Trial service.

Benefits of Hosted PBX Phone System by

If you've been in professional world for a few years now, you probably will recall phone systems that required a whole lot of wires, a ton of heavy equipment, and possibly even a room by itself to hold everything from local PBX to routers. But now, Hosted PBX Phone Systems have given a new dimension to the way a business operates and can be operated. Today, businesses - both small and large - are witnessing firsthand advantages of Hosted PBX Phone Systems and UnifiedIP's Hosted PBX Phone System is the next best thing in business communications. At, we host all your equipment off-site, so you don't have to bother with reserving a room or managing expensive servers with failover and redundancy. Check out some good reasons why you should opt UnifiedIP's Hosted PBX Phone System.
Clear Lifelike Full Duplex HD Voice Experience:

With UnifiedIP's Hosted PBX Phone System, you'll experience crystal - clear connections at an affordable price, whether your calls come from a local street or across the globe. Customers can easily communicate with you via a local or toll free number, and you can forward and answer those calls anywhere in the world.
Trusted By Many:

We serve many customers from all over the world with our huge inventory of available phone lines, advanced call forwarding, and virtual PBX phone systems.
No Equipment Required:

To opt into UnifiedIP's Hosted PBX Phone System, you will not have to buy any other equipment and there are no tangled wires, so there's minimal maintenance required. It is one of the greatest benefits of UnifiedIP's phone services. We host your equipment off-site, so you can enjoy more office space and a hassle-free communication.
Affordable (Lower TCO):

By switching to a Hosted PBX Phone System by, you can cut cost spent in business operations as well as your monthly phone bills. UnifiedIP only charges a flat rate for each user, so you don't have to worry about your huge monthly phone bills. Instead, we want you to be concerned with what matters most - growing your business. UnifiedIP helps reduce your monthly phone bills by up to 70% over a traditional analog line.

For many small businesses, travel is a primary component of growth. More reliable than mobile phones, a Hosted PBX Phone System by provides remarkable portability. If you have a broadband connection, you can avail our Hosted PBX Phone services. Simply plug your phone into your computer, and feel free to talk to anyone around the world. At UnifiedIP, we bring the office to you.
So, now you know how you can get benefitted with UnifiedIP's Hosted PBX Phone System services. Give it a try and BOOM your business!