Business VoIP Getting Started FAQs

Can I retain my existing phone number(s)?

Yes! with help of Local Number Portability, you can continue using your existing phone numbers or array of numbers. At time of ordering make sure to intimate us about your requirements to keep your existing number(s). You will have to fill up our number porting form and submit it to us for validation. Make sure you do not have existing internet service tied to your phone numbers or we will not be able to process your order.
How do I get started with Unified IP?

It's pretty simple to get started! You can call our toll free number (888-586-3921), or send us an email at sales@unifiedip.com. You can even schedule a meeting with UIP Specialist for any kind of business consultation to get more information on the onboarding process. Our executives will help you in reviewing and configuring your business requirements and will also suggest system configuration options. UIP team will even assist in calculating cost savings over your existing phone system.
What is ideal data connection speed?

Required Internet bandwidth purely depends on number of parallel users and Internet usage. If a single Internet connection is simultaneously shared by multiple users then a high speed data connection is required and vice-versa. Moreover Unified IP executive will assist you in determining optimal bandwidth required to support your VoIP system. The most important aspect of internet connection is a stable business class internet service with built in quality of service.
Do we require high technical skills to manage UIP services?

Anyone with basic computer knowledge can operate and set up Unified IP services. These services are completely designed in a user friendly manner so that even a non-technical person can manage them well.
What kind of VoIP Services is provided by UIP?

Unified IP provides all types of PBX services including Hosted PBX services and Virtual PBX services.
Hosted PBX services - Hosted PBX Phone System helps businesses to present their professional image. It allows users to manage auto attendant, call forwarding, call queuing, and other smart attributes within minutes. Hosted PBX Phone Systems have revolutionized the way a business operates and can be operated; On-Premise or Off-Premise. Of these two models more popular is Off-Premises in which, Unified IP hosts all VoIP infrastructure using a cloud based scalable platform, so you don't have to bother about reserving a room or managing expensive fail-over infrastructure.
Virtual PBX services- Designed for entrepreneurs and businesses with a mobile work force, Virtual PBX System helps in representing more professional and sincere image necessary in today's competitive market. It has given a new dimension in managing virtual workforce more efficiently and economically.
What is required for Hosted PBX service?

You require broadband connection and IP phone or personal computer to set up Business phone system.
What is required to setup a Virtual PBX service?

Virtually you don't require anything to get started with Unified IP's Virtual PBX services. We can directly route your calls on your existing land lines or mobile number(s). This provides great flexibility in effectively managing your business from remote locations.
What support services are available?

At Unified IP customer support is our top priority. You can look forward to a comprehensive 24x7 support for all your technical and operational issues.
What are the payment options available?

You can make your payments automatically through Credit Card or by check.
How long does it take to commission new Unified IP Service?

New Unified IP service can be commissioned within a span of 2-3 working days after clearance of payment. It might take longer (7-10 days)in case existing telephone numbers need to be ported to UIP.