Business VoIP Features & Benefits FAQs

Does Unified IP support Auto Attendant / IVR?

Yes, Unified IP offers all attributes of Auto Attendant / IVR. For further details contact Customer Support Representative at (888-586-3921) or write to us at sales@unifiedip.com.
Can I record a professional greeting message for my business?

Yes, with Unified IP service you can easily record professional greeting message for your business. You can also alter these recorded messages anytime as per your business requirements.
Does Unified IP provide CDR's (Call Detail Records)?

Unified IP provides complete CDR's that are mailed to the respective administrative account one week after completion of the billing cycle.
Does Unified IP support conference bridging?

Yes, Unified IP provides capabilities of conference bridging. You can simply assign a telephone number or an extension to get started with Conference Bridge, and generate a dynamic Join-In-Pin. For details, contact Customer Support Representative at (888-586-3921) or write us an email at sales@unifiedip.com.
What kind of Fax services are provided by Unified IP?

Now a day's sending fax is almost a daily task in all small and big organizations. With UIP fax services you can beat your competitors by sending professional faxes within no time. You can easily send and receive electronic fax to cut down cost and time.
Can I use custom "Music On Hold"?

Definitely you can use "Music on Hold" and customize it as per your business requirements. You can even record a professional message to be used as "Music on Hold".
Can I control my phone calls based on time conditioning?

Yes, you can control your phone calls based on time conditioning. This will help you deliver excellent customer service and none of your important business call will ever go unattended.
Can we create call queues in UIP?

Yes, call queues can be created using UIP VoIP services. For further details contact Customer Support Representative at (888-586-3921) or write to us at sales@unifiedip.com.
Are "in-house" extension dialing free of cost?

Yes, "in-house" extension dialing is free of cost. In fact, dialing a peer number via extension provides better quality since it does not require any external call routing.
How can I check my voice mails?

There are many simple ways to check your voice mails. You can either check your voice messages directly from your phone or dial into your voice mail service to retrieve it. A copy of your voice mail is even send to your registered e-mail id as an audio file.
Does UIP support "Voice mail to e-mail" feature?

Yes, Unified IP supports "Voice mail to e-mail" feature. A replica of your Voice mail is routed to your destined e-mail. You can find your voice mail as an attached file with extension .mp3 or .wav.
Can I black-list some inbound/outbound numbers?

Using UIP service you can easily black list any inbound/outbound numbers. You can also remove black listed numbers easily form the list at any point of time.
Does UIP support 911?

Yes UIP supports e911 with some limitations described in the legal section of our website.