Electronic Fax

Looking for a Quick Fax Solution? Try UnifiedIP's Electronic Fax!

These days competition in every field is getting sharp and dense, and technology is witnessing advancements every passing day. In this era, only those businesses can survive, whose corporate very well knows how to cut costs on things utilized in business every day. Fax is one such thing that has become an integral part of almost every business and is used on regular basis. Be it a small business or a widely established company, sending faxes is nowadays an everyday activity in all business sectors. And, this can be a costly and very time-consuming affair. So, it becomes necessary to look out for best ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs on faxes.
UnifiedIP.com provides you a more Quicker, Easier and Reliable way to send your faxes - Electronic Fax. An Electronic Fax, also termed as Internet Fax, or Online Fax, uses the Internet facility to receive and send faxes, thereby reducing the costs and time spend on traditional way of sending faxes. UnifiedIP's Electronic Fax services enable you to receive and send faxes via e-mail. With UnifiedIP's electronic Fax, you'll be able to connect any device to the Internet to receive and send faxes.
When it comes to using Electronic Fax, it's as easy as opening an e-mail and attaching a file to it. You may also access your faxes by logging into your UnifiedIP account anytime from anywhere around the world. UnifiedIP.com has a wide inventory of fax numbers, be it local, national, or toll-free numbers. You are even free to keep that fax number for as long as you wish to maintain the service. Do all this and much more, all in lieu of spending a minimal amount.
So, stop wasting money on extra phone lines, fax paper and toner! Switch on to UnifiedIP's Electronic Fax services and stay ahead of your competition!