T1 / T3 Data Connections

These days, many business entrepreneurs are realizing that high-speed Internet connections, such as T1 or T3 connection, provide great solutions to many challenging IT problems. The T1 line prices have come down significantly in last decade, to the point that T1 connections are at an all time low price, and UnifiedIP is maintaining that trend in addition with excellent customer service. T1 line costs are generally dependent upon the local loop charge and port charge, so depending on where you are located, your T1 connection cost can be very inexpensive.
At UnifiedIP.com, Internet T1 and Internet T3 are established business class grade of "always-on" Internet line services with data transmission speeds 24 to 672 times faster than traditional 56k dial-up connection. The T1 line or T3 line offered by UnifiedIP is capable of being employed by dozens to hundreds of users simultaneously. They both provide a dedicated connection, more broadband reliability and performance than a Cable and DSL connection.
Unlike Cable and DSL, UnifiedIP's T1 and T3 lines are dedicated solely to your business. As you're not sharing your broadband with masses, your T1 or T3 connection's speed and reliability remain fast and intact regardless of the amount of traffic at a particular location.
The main difference between T1 service and T3 service is their data transfer speeds. T1 Internet service lines operate at speeds of 1.54 Mbps (24 times faster than traditional 56k connection); whereas T3 Internet service lines operate at speeds of 45 Mbps (672 times faster than a 56K dial-up, and 29 times faster than T1 connection). This is the main reason why a premium is charged for a T3 connection.
Benefits of T1/T3 Data Connections:
  • Leads to reduced business infrastructure costs
  • T1 and T3 are business grade services, and as such, any issues that occur are resolved much faster than DSL and cable service.
  • Provides ability to transfer large amount of data, images and video.
  • Business-class broadband with 24 to 672 times faster speeds than dial-up.
  • Provides ability to run own web, application, email or database servers and use bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Static IP addresses
  • Provides scalable bandwidth
  • Services at lower prices
  • Eliminate geographical barriers virtually and reduces expense associated with business travel
UnifiedIP offers one of the finest Internet T1, T3, DS3, Data Connections, and VOIP Services. Our technologies are passed through a strict selection process of network and financial stability, and excellence in customer service.
So, get your T1/T3 connection now and stay ahead of all!