VoIP for Hospitality Industry

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming increasingly popular as an industry standard for business telecommunication. VoIP is generating wide interest across several markets including hospitality, healthcare, IT company, customer service sector, insurance company, laboratory, marketing sector, equipment manufacturer, gaming industry, and more. VoIP technology allows voice to be transmitted over Internet in real time, which eliminates requirement of separate public switched telephone network (PSTN) hardware and wiring. At significantly lower cost VoIP delivers improved operations and enhanced productivity. VoIP is capable of carrying intuitive applications on its digital telecommunications infrastructure.
Hotels are in hospitality business, not telecom. With easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage VoIP solution, hoteliers can spend their valuable time on implementing their services rather than managing telecommunications infrastructure.
In hospitality industry, telecommunications system is a way to acquire business and provide convenience to guests. It's important to have leading-edge phone service in hotels, which is both professional and flexible. Hotels using traditional phone services, generally witness their guests avoid calls from hotel rooms because of high calling cost. For today's guest, phone service is as much a part of hotel stay as a hot shower and bed. By utilizing existing IP network to carry long distance portion of guests' calls, hotels can extremely lower their telecommunication costs and make their phone services sufficiently profitable. VoIP installed hospitality industry can take advantage of enormous savings in call costs, not only for guests but for their own administration as well.
VoIP offers massive savings to hospitality industry. These savings allow hotels to offer low-cost deals and world-class facilities to their guests. Hotels can make their guest facilities and services more luxurious with VoIP. Wireless VoIP or VoWiFi lets on-site professionals connect with others in no time. Using unified communication; hotel staff can efficiently and quickly provide their services to guests at right time. Video conferencing and call bridging are very impressive VoIP features that allow organizing international conferences for hotel administrators as well as customers. With low cost video conferencing; hotels earn more business while providing high class benefits to their customers. Using this cutting-edge feature guests can also stay connected with their family and friends.
Since calls are computer based, VoIP phone stores all inbound and outbound call information in a database on server. It provides report of every call in an easy way, which dramatically improves customer service. Another benefit of VoIP telephony is auto attendant facility that provides intuitive help in managing all incoming calls. It works as a virtual receptionist and receive multiple calls simultaneously. Callers are welcomed with recorded professional greetings. If a call is left unattended, caller can leave voicemail messages in voicemail box. Thus incoming calls are answered even during off-hours and weekends without keeping live receptionist at hotel.
VoIP phone provides much better voice quality compared to hotel's traditional telecommunications infrastructure. Adding more phone lines to hotel's existing telecom system often requires additional hardware. In some cases you need an entirely new phone setup, but hosted cloud phone system (aka VoIP) can handle a large number of phone lines and extensions without any expensive hardware upgrade. In fact initial set up can be done on existing telephony system (either analog or wireless) to receive calls based on configurable business rules.
UnifiedIP's flexible VoIP service overcomes concerns of call quality, management complexity, and disruption of existing telecom infrastructure. UnifiedIP enables hotels to reduce their telecommunications costs while boosting profitability of phone services. If you are an hotelier and want to upgrade your traditional communication systems, UnifiedIP's VoIP service is designed for all your needs. Call now at 888-586-3921 or write to us at sales@unifiedip.com.