Rethinking Business Voice by Leveraging Unified IP Communication

Rethink your voice, switch to VoIP! As latest technologies are taking over globe, revolution has come in telecommunication market as well. Millions of businesses around the world have already switched to UnifiedIP communication. Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones are increasingly replacing traditional phone systems. Both phone systems dial and receive in same manner, but technology and features used in UnifiedIP communication is much better than regular phone systems. UnifiedIP phones are far economical as compared to traditional phones and provide high definition call quality.
UnifiedIP communication allows voice transmission over Internet in real time as opposed to copper wire cables in a conventional telephone. VoIP phone has many advantages over analog telephone service. UnifiedIP communication offers world-class call clarity, faster file downloads, greater bandwidth, and lower operational cost than traditional phones. Businesses all over world are leveraging benefits of Unified IP phones like lower total cost of ownership (TCO), extensive user adoption, speed to value, while simplifying the complexity of managing separate telecommunication infrastructures.
Biggest plus of UnifiedIP communication, as opposed to traditional phones, is its easy installation and administration functions. UnifiedIP communication offers more number of features at same price while traditional phones are more costly with additional features. These features include paperless fax, voice conferencing, multi location support, call hunting, advanced call management, voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, customized caller ID, HD voice, remote extension, cloud based communication platform, multi-location support, toll free numbers, local numbers, and other on-demand services. What all one may need to start using Unified IP communication is a broadband connection and IP phone or personal computer. With an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) business organizations can use their traditional phones as well to make VoIP calls.
With easy-to-use Hosted PBX phone system, UnifiedIP communication helps businesses project their professional image. Hosted PBX system lets users manage auto attendant, call queuing, bridged appearance, music on hold, extension mobility, Find-me service, call parking, extension dialing, and other smart features within minutes. However, Unified Virtual PBX System is designed for entrepreneurs and businesses with mobile work force. It gives small businesses a more professional and credible image necessary in today's marketplace. It helps manage your virtual workforce more effectively and economically.
With UnifiedIP communication businesses can continue using their existing phone number or array of numbers. Businesses can keep their phone number(s) same even when relocating. Another advantage of Unified Cloud communication is that no matter what area office or business is located, user can choose their area code and phone number according to their requirements. UnifiedIP communication helps in meeting enterprise class voice, video, and data requirements of any business.
During challenging economic times, VoIP phones are expeditiously becoming an economical way of effective communication. Whether it's a hospital or health care organization, IT company, customer service sector, insurance company, laboratory, marketing sector, equipment manufacturer or any other organization, toady VoIP is extensively used in very field. Flexibility is another big difference between UnifiedIP communication and traditional phone services. Traditional phones are permanently tied to a single physical location, while user can carry VoIP phone anywhere around world and can use it by connecting to a broadband Internet connection. Not just flexibility of location but Unified Communication is highly scalable in real time to adapt to changing business needs. With Unified Communication user can easily extend or descend number of features, channels, and extensions as per business requirements.
With cost effectiveness and innovative features, UnifiedIP communication is a huge success over outdated traditional phones. Click here to check out more UnifiedIP communication benefits. Stop wasting money on traditional phone services! Switch to UnifiedIP's VoIP services and stay ahead of your competition! For any kind of queries, feel free to call at 888-586-3921 or write to us at