Unified Fax for Reliable Communications

Nowadays, almost every business wants to save money and keep their businesses profitable even in economic turmoil. That's why businesses are increasingly switching to Unified Communications. Whether looking to speed up communications or improving access to vital information, Unified Communications helps attaining both with ease. Unified communications (UC) is gradually changing the way companies do business. Well, fax is becoming an integral part of any business and is used on regular basis. Whether it's a small business or a widely established company, sending and receiving faxes is an everyday activity. Traditional fax systems are generally costly and time-consuming. Now it has become necessary to look out new ways for increasing efficiency and reducing costs on faxing.
Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) has now become most efficient way of faxing due to its significant benefits on operational and financial grounds. Fax over IP enables fax transmissions over Internet. FoIP is also known as Electronic Fax, unified fax, Internet fax, digital fax or online fax. As businesses continue to expand their IP infrastructure, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is moving into wider adoption with FoIP. Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) brings traditional telephony communications into data network environments, allowing businesses to transport fax over them.
As more business organization networks are evolving to support VoIP, it becomes tangible that FoIP service with VoIP network can easily boost the benefits of any IP network infrastructure, by cutting-down traditional telephony hardware cost and combining management of voice, video, data, and fax on a single network. There are many benefits of switching from traditional faxing to FoIP. Check out some key features and benefits.
  • Unified faxing is much more economical than traditional faxing
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings
  • Cut-down long-distance phone charges by driving long distance fax traffic over Internet
  • Lower fax maintenance and operation costs
  • Higher quality documents
  • Better control over faxing activity
  • Any standard computer printer can print fax messages
  • No need for extra fax lines in corporate environments
  • Features like fax store and forward provide easy storage of fax communication and allows later recovery of fax messages similar to e-mails
Fax over IP (FoIP) also offers many other useful benefits like secure, guaranteed delivery, and fax broadcast. User can send or receive fax messages to any traditional fax machine as well. Unified Fax also eliminates fax hardware dependency. With FoIP businesses don't need to have separate phone lines for faxing. Because Fax over IP is software-based, it makes much easier to achieve business continuity.
So, get rid of your extra phone lines, and switch to UnifiedIP's Electronic Fax services now and stay ahead of your competition. For any kind of queries, feel free to call at 888-586-3921 or write to us at sales@unifiedip.com