Business Phone Systems

Every entrepreneur feels good only when their business keeps on flourishing. In this Hi-Tech world, where everything is becoming tech-savvy and more advanced, it has become a necessity in business world as well to pace up with new technology trends. Be it a large organization or a small scale business, Business Phone Systems have now become one of the most important ways to lead the way.
Whether you have just established a new business, or are running a well-established one, UnifiedIP's Business Phone Systems will help you stay ahead in the race of success. Check out what's here at under Business Phone Systems: offers industry leading service and prices available on Hosted PBX Phone Systems. UIP allows you to pick your own number and get it activated within just a few minutes.

Virtual PBX System gives small businesses a more professional and credible image necessary in today's marketplace. Designed for entrepreneurs, UnifiedIP's Virtual PBX System is a perfect phone solution for start up's and small businesses to get a competitive edge over their competition.

UnifiedIP's Toll Free Number service will give your business an instant credibility, leading you to heights of professionalism. At, you can choose from 800, 866, 877, 888, or toll-free vanity numbers to get started like a well-established business. provides you a Quicker, Easier and Reliable way to send your faxes - Electronic Fax. UnifiedIP's Electronic Fax services enable you to send and receive faxes via e-mail. With UnifiedIP's Electronic Fax, you'll be able to connect any device to the Internet to receive and send faxes.

Check out the list of features that you'll find in PBX systems available via These features will help you know how you can utilize PBX Systems to speed up your communication, and lots more.

Make advantage of UnifiedIP's IP Phone services to improve productivity by meeting the needs of users throughout your organization. also provides Unified PBX Systems by CISCO. CISCO is a worldwide leader in designing and selling networking and unified communications technology to businesses. So, feel a sigh of relief when ordering a CISCO Unified PBX System from
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